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Appetizers for a Wedding Reception

At a wedding reception the food plays an important part. Most of the attending guests at your wedding reception will decide whether your party was a success or a total flop considering the food you’ve served. Under these circumstances you must think twice about what you will serve your guests, as you do not want the guests to consider your wedding reception a disaster.

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The food served at a wedding reception must match the theme and style of the reception (for example: if you are having a beach themed party, choose sea food, if you are having an Italian reception you could serve traditional Italian food like pizza and spaghetti).

Appetizers for aWedding Reception

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The appetizers for a wedding reception are important as they give your guests a hint on what to expect from your wedding menu. The appetizers for a wedding menu must match the other dishes. When deciding upon what appetizers to serve at your wedding reception you must first decide whether you want to serve cold or hot appetizers and then you have to decide if you want vegan, vegetarian appetizers or wedding appetizers with meat. Of course you can serve all these wedding appetizers at once.

This way, you will be sure, that every guest will have something he likes to eat. Serving appetizers at a wedding allows you to provide a mix and combination of different foods and tastes. For every taste there is the right appetizer: for those beef eaters, the fish eaters, for those on a low carb diet, for the vegans and vegetarians, for those who love spices and for those who hate spices etc. Appetizers are the first course of a sit down meal. The appetizers at a wedding reception are served at the arrival of the bride and groom and the bridal party at the reception. If at your wedding reception you are having a buffet then you could include the wedding reception appetizers as a part of the buffet. If you still haven’t decided upon what appetizers to serve, here we have the best ideas for appetizers for a wedding reception.

Appetizers for a Wedding Reception

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The best hot appetizers for a wedding reception are: spinach-stuffed mushrooms, crab stuffed mushrooms, baked crab Rangoon, bacon appetizer crescents, spicy bean “Quesadillas”, make – ahead spinach Phyllo Roll -Ups, chili – cheese snackers, easy – five Mexican dip, chicken wings and open – face turkey cheddar melts. For cold appetizers for a wedding reception we recommend: salsa roll – ups, guacamole, cowboy salsa, garden vegetable salad stacker, layered black bean dip, roasted pepper and basil skewers, sun – dried tomato and garlic dip, delicious spring rolls with dipping sauce, triscuit bruschetta bites, assorted fresh vegetables platter, mini hot dogs in a bun, Philadelphia and fruit – topped Ritz, easy turkey – tortilla Roll – Ups and pesto crostini. However, the most popular appetizers for a wedding reception are: shrimp cocktail, Italian wedding soup, clam chowder, coconut shrimp with red curry sauce, spanakopitas, skewered chicken, fruit mélange, French onion soup and lobster bisque.11

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